Proposed Amalgamation News!

1 March 2017,

Dear Member,

It is with great pleasure that we announce a proposed amalgamation of the Gold Coast Cycling Club and the Gold Coast Goldstars Cycling Club.

Negotiations are now underway between both clubs and the process of amalgamation will involve a motion being put to the general membership of each club. Once approved, this motion will allow the Management Committees to complete the paper work necessary for the Office of Fair Trading and Cycling Queensland to recognise the amalgamation.

With an amalgamation of two clubs with such strong histories, there are of course many questions, and these will be answered in detail by your Management Committee at the relevant meeting. However, there is now a common understanding between the two clubs that the amalgamated club will be called the ‘Gold Coast Cycling Club’ and will adopt the ‘blue and gold’ branding of the current Goldstars kit. We are also in discussions with Cycling Australia about how your membership will roll over into the new club.

The Management Committee of both clubs believe this amalgamation will greatly benefit cycling on the Gold Coast and will take the sport to new levels as we combine our experience and resources. You will receive further information in regards to the amalgamation from your Management Committee in the near future.

We look forward to you being an integral part of this new club and the future of cycling on the Gold Coast.

Damien McFarline
Gold Coast Goldstars Cycling Club

Mark Gibbs
Gold Coast Cycling Club

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